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Why is Organic Better?  A Real Understanding of Health and Well-Being - Blog Entry Mar 17, 2015


In this edition of "Finding Balance" we examine the very basis of good health....

TRUE ORGANIC FOOD!  My mentor and creator of the CHEK Institute, Paul Chek, talks about the dirt facts about health in this video.  


The dirty facts about organic food literally starts in the dirt.  The quality and health of the soil that feeds the plants and grasses which all of our food sources are based.  Conventional raising of crops including all of the publicly traded crops such as corn, soybeans, wheat, and rice just to name a few, are grown on the same field season after season after season.  This requires a dependence on genetically modified  versions of these crops sprayed with chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.  Not only do these chemicals end up poisoning us and the animals that are force fed this crap but also are literally killing the life in the soil.


That's right the soil is literally teeming with life.  One gram or the size of a penny of well tended topsoil has 600 million microorganisms including tens of thousands of species of bacteria and fungi.  These do all the work on a farm digesting the organic matter in the soil as well as the complex minerals makeing them available to the plants.  Hence the more microorganisms the higher amount of nutrients the plants haveto give to us and the animals.  We then complete this cycle upon our deaths and the deaths of animals by going back to the earth and repeating this cycle over and over again.  


Conventionally raised crops destroy this cycle by killing off these microorganisms  that would naturally be available in the topsoil.  The unhealthy plants that are grown in this diminishing topsoil are then less healthy needing to be propped up by chemical fertilizers.  These unhealthy plants also will send signals through the ground to nearby pests to eat them so that they can be redeposited back into the dirt and feed the microorganisms and possibly create a better crop next time.  Conventional farming throws this wisdom out the window by spraying the crops with the chemicals that kill the process by which the topsoil can recover.


So how do we support our own health as well as the health of the planet which we depend?  We can buy organic foods from our grocery store but to really ensure that we are supporting farms that use these principles on a daily basis we must look to as local of sources as we can.  You can easily find farming coops in your area that practice these sustainable and health promoting farming practices on the website  If you live in the metro detroit are and are looking for locally sourced animal products and produce, this is where I get my own food from,  


Wherever you decide to feed you family remember that the health of soil is the basis on which your own health is formed.  Hope you enjoyed this weeks blog.


In good health,


Aaron Wallace

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