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My name is Aaron Wallace and I am the owner of Balance Your Fitness.  Our mission at BYF, is to help you live your life in balance.  


Achieving your dreams  and goals can be difficult due to a lot of misleading information regarding health and wellness in the mainstream media. Most personal trainers and fitness professionals think that if you are not achieving your goals you must "train harder" and have sweat pouring down your face while spending most of your day working out. These principles will lead to many more problems than they will solve.  


Instead  of  a  "cookie cutter"  or  "boot camp" approach, we offer scientifically designed programs through specific assessment, questionnaire and interview    technologies,   to   gather   data  on your 


Aaron Wallace

  • B. S. in Exercise and Health Science

  • C.H.E.K. Practitioner / Level 3

  • C.H.E.K. Holistic Lifestyle Coach / Level 3

  • C.H.E.K. Golf Performance Specialist

physical, chemical, mental, emotional and spiritual stressors in your life.  Once we've gathered all of the data, a customized program is developed, that fits into your life, in order to achieve your goals of golf performance, weight loss and pain reduction.


My educational background is a B.S. in Exercise and Health Science from Alma College. Additionally, I am certified as a CHEK Practitioner, Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Golf Biomechanic. This educational background allows me to scientifically customize a program that addresses your specific needs.  

My passion is to develop your unique healing puzzle with tools including traditional exercise prescription, mind-body fitness, soft tissue therapies, lifestyle and stress management, healthy eating habits, chiropractic principles and orthopedic rehabilitation.

You have your own unique road to health and well being and it would be my pleasure to assist on the path to your goals and dreams.

In good health,

Aaron Wallace

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