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Available Seminars

All You Need is Love...For Your Heart Health

The key to a healthy heart is controlling inflammation! Learn to manage inflammation and love your Heart with the perfect holistic health prescription from the 4 Doctors - Dr Diet, Dr Quiet, Dr Movement and Dr Happiness. BYF will teach you how to help keep your heart healthy as well as how to promote healing from a whole range of chronic diseases.

De-Stressing the Mind & Body


In this workshop you'll learn useful techniques on how to release stress from your life. BYF will show a sample of techniques used to release stress and boost your body's energy


Beyond Pencils & Paper:  Coping with the Back to School Experience.


In the fall, our days are busier; headaches, more frequent; meals are rushed; and, your immune system is taxed with the increased stress of it all.  At these times, it's more important than ever to learn healthy habits that will decrease stress, boost your immune system and make the most out of your time crunched schedule.  Learn how to address all of these issues through simple nutrition and lifestyle changes.


Terrified of the Holiday Menu?  Give Yourself the Gift of Health


Are you terrified of the holiday menu? Would you like to lose weight, improve energy, boost your immune system and get healthy when everyone else is resigned to weight gain? Learn how to boost your metabolism and be healthier and balanced by making smarter choices at your holiday feast! 


Harnessing Your Hormones Naturally:  Aging without Side Affects


Do you experience reduced libido, insomnia, night sweats, hot flashes or unexpected weight gain?  Too many people believe that hormonal issues are an inevitable part of aging.  We will reveal the many different causes of the side affects of aging and how you can naturally reduce or eliminate these issues caused by hormonal imbalances. 


What's the Point of Exercise


Are you successfully reaching your fitness goals? Have you tried gyms, classes, trainers and therapists to relieve pain, reduce weight, improve flexibility and get stronger/healthier, without results? Learn the science behind reaching your goals safer, faster, and easier than you've ever felt possible at this FREE educational seminar.


The Hidden Payout of Eating Organic


Are you sick & tired of being, well..... being sick & tired? Is your weight all over the charts? Overwhelmed by health care expenses? Many people believe that buying conventionally processed food saves them money......but, does it really? Where do we spend that money? Doctor's bills? Surgeries? Prescriptions & Supplements? Energy drinks?   In this class you will learn the lesser known facts about eating organic. We will teach you not only how to improve your physical health, but your financial health as well.


Reboot Your Life for Better Health:  Return to Nature's Blueprint


Are you or someone you know: gluten or lactose intolerant; battling with your weight; experiencing digestive issues; or, struggling with chronic pain? Learn how to turn back the hands of time. No Gimmicks - No Pills! Just a holistic approach to empower your body's natural healing abilities.


Getting Healthy / Staying Healthy


We live in a germ filled world.  Our bodies are designed to heal themselves, when we give them the tools they need. Learn how to boost your immune system to better enable your body to naturally protect you from illness.  This class will arm you with the knowledge you need to treat and prevent setbacks in your health. 



Additional topics include:  

  • Detoxing Your Body & Your Home

  • Destressing The Mind and Body

  • Understanding Your Sleep Cycles

  • Gut Health:  From the Inside Out


Would your group or organization benefit from one of these great informational lectures?

Contact us today for availability and to schedule your event!


Balance Your Fitness offers Seminars 

at these Metro Detroit locations....  

     The Vitamin Shoppe                            Fresh Thyme Farmers Market 

          Auburn Hills; Shelby Twp;                                                           Rochester Hills, Michigan

        and, Rochester Hills, Michigan  


                                 The Better Health Store                           

                                          Shelby Twp; Novi; and, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan


    Gibraltar Trade Center                           Shelby Gardens Event Center

           Mount Clemens, Michigan                                                           Shelby Twp, Michigan

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