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Can Your Favorite Steak be Your Superfood? Absolutely!  Blog Entry May 2, 2015


Now that grilling season is about to start, everyone is looking forward to getting out and enjoying the warm weather and time with their families.  However, you will see warnings in mainstream media to beware of your favorite grilling foods, such as hamburgers and steaks.  


But let's face facts... Your'e going to eat them anyway.  Telling most guys out there not to have steak or burgers at a cook out is similar to telling a dog not to bark at a passing car. Controlling our nature can only go so far.


But is eating red meat as dangerous as it's been advertised?  Not necessarily.....


In fact, red meats can be a very important part of a person's diet IF IT COMES FROM THE PROPER SOURCE!


​In one of my previous blogs I discussed the importance of understanding what organic produce and meat really are and how they affect our health.  Today is your best day, if you are a grilling fan, because we're going to discuss the great health benefits of pastured beef, chicken, pork and raw dairy!


You mean all those foods my doctor says will kill me!?!?!?


Pastured beef and Raw Dairy from cows RAISED ON GRASS NOT GRAIN has ample amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).  These have been shown to reduce inflammation, reduce risk of heart disease and cancer!


WOW!  Those are diseases that almost every single family worries about on a daily basis.  


In addition, levels of vitamin A, D, E, and K are all higher in pastured, grass fed and finished beef.  It's like having your own burger shaped supplement!  Sounds tastier than any pill I could have..... that's for sure!


This also goes for your eggs, pork, lamb and almost any other farm animal food you can think of!


Now for the negative part......


Most people would rather have their heads in the sand than to hear this, but these are things that we all need to know.


1. People who are exposed to farm chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides etc), either through diet or proximity to the farms, have a 75% higher risk of Parkinson's.  Think these chemicals might be getting in your water?


Since you are what you eat - eats, by consuming conventional animal foods, you may also be consuming these items, which have been found to be mixed in with the animal feed used by farmers.  So, if you're ready, here's the disgusting part! 


1.  Candy - candy products such as gummy bears, gum drops or lemon drops in their wrappers


2.  Bakery Waste - Stale bread and other pastry products can be fed without drying or removal

     of plastic wrapping


3.  Potato waste - All the leftovers from making fries and potato chips including oils from frying

     and potatoes that are not frozen or rotted.


4.  Starch- unheated starch from candy maufacturers can be given to cattle


5.  Pasta- Any leftover pasta from plants or distributors is fed or blended with candy


                             Now it gets really gross..


6. Wood chips, cement dust, GMO soy, corn, wheat and alfalfa


Standard practice in the processing of conventional chickens in the US is to wash the chickens in CHLORINATED WATER!  Nice... sounds delicous to me.


This blog just scratches the surface of why you should always purchase your meats from the appropriate sources.  For all of these reasons, and so many more (that this blog would take forever to write), enjoy your summer barbecue with some tasty pastured grass fed and finished animal food from your local farm.  Your house will be the best BBQ spot in the neighborhood....I can promise you that!


In good health,


Aaron Wallace


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