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Balance Your Fitness, Pain Reduction, Weight Loss, Golf Training

Our Mission: Live Your Life in Balance

Balance your Fitness offers an alternative to traditional health care, which looks at all aspects of your life that contribute to overall health and well being.  Addressing pain issues, weight reduction, strength training, improved mobility & flexibility, nutritional guidance, stress relief, and so much more. Everything you need to live your life in perfect balance.  


Using techniques from physical therapy, massage therapy, corrective exercise, strengthening, holistic lifestyle coaching, meditation, energy healing and seminars on inspirational and educational topics, you'll have everything you need to live your life in perfect balance, conveniently located under one roof.


The coaching we provide will empower you to change your life. Our extensive experience allows for an individualized scientific approach to nutrition and exercise. You will see and feel change quicker than you ever have before.


Contact Balance Your Fitness today for a FREE consultation and take back control of your health!

Finding Balance


Aaron Wallace, CEO of Balance Your Fitness, writes about the topics that affect your health in his Blog entitled Finding Balance. Click HERE  for the latest edition and to enroll in the B.Y.F. Health and Wellness updates by email.

Did you know.......


Balance Your Fitness offers a wide array of lectures for your group or organization. Click HERE to reach a full list of available topics.

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