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Are You Golf Ready?   Tips for Understanding Your Golf Swing  -  Mar 9, 2015 


In this edition of "Finding Balance" we will be looking in depth at how we can improve your golf swing and make sure that we have a fun season this year on the course.  To understand our golf swing we must first take a look at how our spine functions.  Most of the rotation that professional golfers get in their swing comes from the "upper back" or what is anatomically called the thoracic spine.  


The thoracic spine is very flexed over in many people who sit down at a desk for their jobs and work at a computer for most of their days.  When you think of the hunchback of Notre Dame, that would be an excessive case of a flexed thoracic spine.  


When your thoracic spine is flexed, you decrease the ability of the spine to rotate!  That is a big problem because many golfers then try to compensate for this lack of rotation by bending the elbows, excessively turning at your hips, knees and ankles.  All of these compensations will lead to inconsistent shots at best and lots of injured muscles and joints as well over time.


Now how do we fix this problem?  First we must correct how we stand and address posture before we even put our club near the ball.  When you watch most professional golfers on tour, their spines are nearly straight for most of their shots especially their drives and long irons.  You can easily imitate this position by watching the video in the GOLF section of this website.


Remember that your clubs do not play the game... YOU DO!  Good Luck this Season.


In good health,


Aaron Wallace


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