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We have been obsessed with calorie intake, fat intake and salt intake over the last 50 years.  This has led to a massive increase in the amount of highly processed, chemical laden foods in our diet.  These ridiculous methods are still propogated today by organizations such as medical weight loss, weight watchers and the surgical weight loss industry focusing on selling the idea that lower amounts of calories will lead to improved health.


Have any of these groups ever stated and understood what happens to our physiology when we restrict our caloric intake to these lower levels?  The answer is no because if they did it would completely destroy their business models!


So what are some of the effects that occur when we focus on restricting calories?  


1. When you cut calories a large amount you secrete more of the hormone cortisol


Cortisol is our basic fight and flight survival hormone produced in our adrenal glands.  Cortisol breaks down muscle to produce more sugar in order to keep your brain and nervous system functioning.  So in other words you will be physically weaker and have a lower metabolism due to the loss of muscle tissue.


2.  When cortisol is released you lower the amount of active thyroid hormone 


Active thyroid hormone helps you to metabolize sugar properly and helps regulate our body temperature, mood and immune system.  Simply put you will have cold hands and feet, be pissed off all the time and get sick way more often.


3.  Cortisol released also in turn decreases production of the sex hormones 


Raw materials needed to make the sex hormones - testosterone, estrogen, progesterone etc, are drawn away to produce the hormone cortisol to handle the extra stress of cutting calories.  In other words you will have a lower sex drive while trying to improve your exterior beauty! (Of course that depends on what you think is beautiful)


So let me get this straight...... the American Medical Association has been promoting a chemical laden, processed diet that makes us weaker, lowers our metabolism, screws up our mood, makes us sick all the time and destroys our sex drive?  Sounds like a way to prescribe more drugs to me!


Now many of you are probably asking....... How can I improve my health and lose weight without screwing up my body further?  




According the Jonathon Brostoff's book "Food Allergies and Food Intolerance", the average American consumes 20lbs of toxic material on a yearly basis.  Those chemicals are stored in fat cells to make sure that they do not do more serious damage.  Instead of having organ failure you get a tighter waistline.  The great thing is you can avoid thise weight by avoiding foods with those chemicals including making sure to eat organic fruits and veggies and animals raised exclusively on pasture ( for local farms that raise animals the right way).  




We breathe over 10,000 times per day and we can lower our cortisol output by learning how to breathe properly.  Allowing our belly to go forward when we inhale for the first 2/3rds of your breath before your chest starts to rise can ensure you lower your overall stress levels and improve your metabolism naturally!




There is no one like you one this earth.  The first two tips can help everyone improve your health.  However each person is dealing with their own specific issues as unique as your thumbprint.  At BALANCE YOUR FITNESS there are NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL approaches.   BALANCE YOUR FITNESS will help you unlock the unique combination of stressors you have been exposed to over your lifetime to scientifcally design your own health and weight loss program.  Stop the cookie cutter fad diets and LIVE YOUR LIFE IN BALANCE today!  Contact us so you can live your life to the fullest!

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